The following are several endorsements of Lambros Pool and Billiard Cues:

Don "Preacher" Feeney, the world famous player, pro tournament referee, BCA Advanced Level Instructor from Chicago, says:
"If you're thinking about buying a cue, don't buy until you've tried a Lambros."
Deno Andrews, the young 3-cushion billiards sensation from Chicago, says:
"This cue has all available speeds,I can now execute a 5 rail draw billiard shot"
"Cigar" Tom Vanover, a top east coast pool player, says:
"Lambros Cues are the very best. "
A Top Touring Professional Pool Player says:
"A Lambros Cue is worth a 30% improvement. "
Another Top Touring Professional Pool Player says:
"These cues have the consistent hit and balance that pros look for."
A Chicago customer says:
"Soft shot or hard shot, Lambros Cues hit the same way every time."
A Baltimore customer says:
"Lambros is a performance enhancing cue.
A Texas customer says:
"I've been playing top pool for over 35 years and the Lambros "ULTRA" is the most solid, sensitive, and most consistent cue "
A North Carolina "A" Player:
"Once you use a Lambros Cue, absolutely nothing else will do!"
A New Jersey cue collector and tournament player says:
"I have many custom cues in my collection, but the Lambros is the only one I use."