Mike Lambros is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and has been a pool, billiards and snooker enthusiast for over 30 years. As an Electrical Engineer, he worked for many years at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (or JPL) in Pasadena, California. At JPL, Mike was cognizant design engineer responsible for the design and installation of many Deep Space Network sub-systems, which NASA uses for Radio Astronomy and various deep space research satellites.
While in California, Mike fine-tuned his pool game under the tutelage of veteran tournament and road player Buddy "The Baltimore Bullet" Dennis. At his peak, Mike was playing solid A caliber 9-ball.
But there was always something missing from Mike's game. He could not seem to find a pool cue that played the way he liked. So he combined his love for the billiard games, his engineering skills, and his knowledge of machines and set out to design and build his own cue.
Even though it is still a relatively young company, Lambros Cues, Inc., has an unique and interesting history. After his distinguished career at JPL, Mike Lambros returned to Baltimore, Maryland, in 1991 to assume a new engineering position. While playing at a local tournament one night, an experienced local player and BCA Certified Instructor, noticed Mike's one-of-a-kind cue and asked about it. Impressed with the quality of the appearance and even more impressed with the play of the cue, he asked Mike who had made the cue, and was astounded when Mike said that he had made the cue by hand in his basement. He promptly hired Mike to make a cue for himself. Lambros Cue's was born.
Mike continued to refine his cuemaking skills and was convinced to make several more cues for other local Baltimore players. The response to Mike's early cues was so overwhelming, that Mike was convinced to make cuemaking a full time endeavor and Lambros Custom Cues was formally created in 1992.
After much early success, Mike decided to expand his business capacity in 1994. So he took on a business partner and Lambros Cues, Inc., was incorporated in 1994. Lambros Cues, Inc. had a most successful year in 1996. We have added several Authorized Sales Representatives in many new regions of the U. S.. Mike completed the invention of his revolutionary new "Ultra" joint design and filed for a patent. And a patent is currently pending.
In February 1996, Don "The Preacher" Feeney, of Chicago, Illinois, inked an agreement to play with and endorse the Lambros Pool Cue. In May 1996, the young 3-cushion billiards sensation Deno Andrews, of Chicago, Illinois, was signed as the player representative for the Lambros Billiard Cue.
Lambros Cues, Inc., always has a booth at the three major trade shows each year, The Allen Hopkins Billiard Expo in March, the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Trade Show in July, and at the U. S. Open 9-Ball Championship in Norfolk, Virginia, in September. Please stop by and say hello!
Industry Affiliations
Lambros Cues, Inc., is a voting member of the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) and the American Cuemakers Association (ACA). We sponsor all tournaments sanctioned by the Carom Billiards Foundation of America (CBFA). In the past, we have sponsored the Florida Pro Tour.
Lambros Cues, Inc., will continue to sponsor select organizations and individuals, when a mutually beneficial agreement can be reached. Organizations and individuals wishing to be considered for sponsorship, may submit written proposals to our mailing or internet address.