At Lambros Cues, Inc., we believe the best customer is an educated customer. We will provide you with all the information that you need to know about our products and services. And we will also provide you with other special information to make you a better informed and better player.
Throughout our pages, you will see our company slogan, "The Hit. " Simply put, our cues are engineered to play superbly, hence "The Hit." We believe our cues are great looking and the best playing cues in the world, and we believe that you will, too.
So read on and enjoy!
Following is a brief description of the information that is available at our site:
History of Lambros Cues, Inc. - Read about the historical background of the company. Meet the owner, Mike Lambros .
Products and Services - We are a full service facility which includes not only cue design and manufacturing, but also the complete range of repair services on any US made cue. We sell top quality cue cases, tips and tip maintenance tools. Pricing guidelines for all products and services can be found on this page.
Purchasing Information - Completely described terms for direct orders and retail sales are provided. Discover how to contact our Authorized Sales Representatives located in all regions of the United States. Would you like to become an Authorized Sales Representative? See how easy it can be!
Endorsements of Lambros Cues - Lambros Cues are played with and endorsed by world famous player, referee and BCA Advanced Level Instructor, Don "Preacher" Feeney. Read what "The Preacher" has to say about Lambros Cues. The young 3-cushion sensation, Deno Andrews, also plays with a Lambros. Find out why he likes it so much. And read quotes from some longtime Lambros Cue owners.
Tips for Designing Your Personal Lambros Cue - We believe that our greatest asset is to not only provide in-house custom designs, but to also be able to take a customer's unique personal design, and transform their vision into a finished cue. To assist our customers who may desire such a cue, we have provided several design tips.
Tips for Collector's of Lambros Cues - Although Mike Lambros is a relative newcomer to the cuemaking scene, his cues are highly regarded in terms of both playability and beauty. Therefore, Lambros Cues are an increasingly collectible commodity, and a rare find in the used cue market. Read our tips for identifying collectible traits of Lambros Cues.
Pool and Billiard Education Tips - We believe that not only should customers' questions be answered honestly, but also to provide information to our customers, increasing their skills, knowledge and enjoyment of the many pool and billiard games. We hope that you find these tips to be very helpful.
WWW Links - Here are a few links to other pool and billiard web sites.
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