Retail Purchases
Lambros Cues, Inc., has a very simple process for retail sales. Through one or more conversations, the customer may discuss and agree upon a design with Mike Lambros . Once the design is finalized, a complete purchase price (including any applicable shipping, handling and insurance charges) and a delivery date will be provided to the customer. Lead times vary depending on the complexity of the design.
When the order is placed, a non-refundable initial deposit will be requested as security for both Lambros Cues, Inc., and the customer. We will contact the customer approximately two weeks before the cue is to be finished, and confirm the arrangements for payment of the balance due and delivery of the cue. Once a customer's cue has been started in production, any customer requested modifications will impact the negotiated price and delivery date.
The Lambros Guarantee
Lambros Cues, Inc., guarantees each cue to be free of workmanship and manufacturing defects. If defects are discovered, then Lambros Cues, Inc., will correct the flaw or replace the cue if needed. This guarantee is valid to the original purchaser, for the lifetime of the cue.
Authorized Sales Representatives
Because of the rapidly increasing popularity of our cues, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep stock of Lambros Custom Cues. However customers wishing to start playing with "The Hit" as soon as possible, are welcomed to call about cues that are available from our dealers.

The Billiard Warehouse, Inc.
Greg Savoie - Email greg@billiardwarehouse.com

How to Become an Authorized Sales Representative
Lambros Cues, Inc., is not currently seeking new authorized dealers or resellers of Lambros cues.